Speakers Bureau

Our very own Michael Rizzo, Ph.D. is a regionally-acclaimed school neuropsychologist and motivational speaker.  He has a unique perspective on living with and managing learning disabilities, as he himself is dyslexic.  He has become recognized as a regional expert in the diagnosis and treatment of at-risk children.

Dr. Rizzo generally conducts 20 trainings per year to parents, teachers, and related professionals.  Some of his recent lecture topics include the following:

  • Behavior/Social Skills and the Special Needs Child
  • Neuropsychology of Dyslexia
  • Looking Beyond Behavior: ADHD-Not Always What it Seems
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Services for Special Needs Children
  • Current Research on Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Strategies for Teachers in the Classroom
  • Everyone Can Read! Community Literacy Seminar
  • Ingredients for Student Success: Parents and Teachers Coming Together for the Success of the Children
  • Understanding the At-Risk Learner
  • Understanding Learning Style Differences and Profiles Suggesting Emotional Difficulties
  • EQ, IQ, and the Impulsivity-Compulsivity Continuum – All Must be Considered in Educating a Child
  • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Classroom Modifications
  • Assessing At-Risk Kids
  • How Kids Learn: No Two Are Alike
  • Understanding Autism and Trends in the Assessment of Spectrum Disorders
  • Emotional Challenges and Learning Disabilities
  • Differentiating Learning Needs and Intervening Appropriately When Bright Kids Struggle
  • The Foundational Skills of Learning
  • Understanding and Addressing Emotional Challenges in School-Age Children
  • Foundations of Learning – Decoding Neuropsychology
  • Learning Style Differences: What Parents Need to Know and What They Can Do
  • The Interaction of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Circuitry (Impulsivity-Compulsivity Continuum), and Learning Styles
  • Empowering the Gifted LD Learner to Succeed Socially and Academically
  • The Ingredients For Academic Success – Not Just IQ
  • Dissecting the Neurobiology of Anxiety

Dr. Rizzo is available to host a wide-array of speaking engagements, with presentation topics that can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the group audience.  For more information or to make arrangements for a presentation, please call (954) 577-3396.