Parent Advocacy

parentadvGenerally, once children’s needs are clearly defined and the reasoning behind a request for assistance is clear, school personnel are cooperative and eager to help. At other times, while the law is clear, acquiring services can be a tricky process. Occasionally, parents are dismissed or bullied in the process of seeking appropriate services for their children. It is clearly “EASIER TO GET BEES WITH HONEY THAN WITH VINEGAR,” but when a child’s future is at stake and NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE, it becomes necessary to play hardball. One must take all steps to resolve these situations through reasonable means; however, when requests fall upon deaf ears or bureaucratic red tape interferes with helping a child while valuable time is slipping away, it becomes necessary to take a more assertive posture. CPS has on staff, a child advocate with 25 years ESE experience who is available to attend IEP meetings and due-process hearings. In the event necessary, specialized legal counsel, to assist families in the rare situation when this tactic becomes essential.

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